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Klick’s 2015 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video: The Inside Story

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Sitting at the front of the main Klick boardroom earlier this week, Pat Quinn said he believed we meet the people in our lives for a reason. He was talking about Pete Frates, the former Boston College baseball player he befriended after learning online how Pete had activated his community in Boston to fight ALS to find a cure.

And yet for me, and many of peers, Pat might as well have been talking about himself. We first met him earlier this year as we sought out awe-inspiring speakers to share their stories at our Klick MUSE Philadelphia event.

Awe-inspiring didn’t even begin to describe Pat and his story. A former rugby player from Yonkers, NY, his life changed in March 2013 when he was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 30. Then last summer, he and Pete started the biggest movement in medical fundraising history, co-founding the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised over $220,000,000 globally to support ALS research and find a cure.

We emailed them immediately and heard back from Pat within 24 hours. He said he was ‘in’ without hesitation, and would do whatever he could to raise awareness and help find a cure.

Klick's Ari Schaefer doing the ice bucket challenge on Pat Quinn

Klick’s Ari Schaefer doing the ice bucket challenge on Pat Quinn

Paying it forward

We hung up the phone enamored, determined to do whatever we could. Making donations was not enough. We could do more. Knowing how much Pat loves sports, we approached the Philadelphia Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, and 76ers and produced a surprise video tribute.

“It was an incredible moment,” Pat later said. “I thought I was done on stage, but the next thing I knew I was watching members from every Philadelphia sports organization welcoming me to Philly and thanking me for the work I’ve done for ALS. Their support means so much!”

It was also a touching and fulfilling moment for us. Professionally, I have never been more proud of my work as I was that night. Until this week.

We called Pat a couple weeks ago and said Klick would love to help re-launch the Ice Bucket Challenge, give Klicksters the chance to meet him/hear his story and remind us how the work we do in health care impacts patients like Pat.

Again, true to form, Pat said he was ‘in’ without skipping a beat.

“Do you want to do the Challenge with us or stay dry?” we asked.

“I will take the challenge! Let’s do it!” he shot back in his note. “I’m doing it tomorrow [at Fenway Park in Boston], too! Have a feeling it’s gonna happen a lot this August!!”

Earlier this week, at 8 am after a long holiday weekend, Pat and his dad joined over 70 Klicksters dumping bright blue buckets of ice water in a chain reaction – symbolic of the global chain reaction that Pat and Pete started last summer.

It wasn’t until a couple hours later at our Lunch & Learn that Pat told us he believed we meet the people in our lives for a reason. He couldn’t have been more right. We are grateful to call Pat part of our Klick family. To think, one simple email to someone we’d never met started our chain reaction.

We hope you enjoy our latest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video as much as we enjoyed making it. Please share with family, friends, business associates, and everyone else on your social networks.



P.S. Don’t’ forget to take the Challenge yourself and/or donate money in support of ALS Research and keep the chain going. #EveryAugustUntilACure

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