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Klick Health & WEGO Health Compare Patient and Marketer Opinions on Ads

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What do you get when you take 11,000 Facebook ads for prescription pharmaceutical products and then take five of those ads and ask Patient Influencers what they think of them? You get the latest insights from Klick Health's Social Team and WEGO Health.

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This Report

This report contains two primary sections:

The Klick Social Database

Started in 2013 in partnership with the Digital Health Coalition (DHC) we started tracking all the known social properties for research-driven pharmaceutical manufacturers. These properties are split into three types:

Over the years Klick has maintained the lists and worked with many third parties in a “show-me-yours-and-I’ll-show-you-mine” cooperative way. The latest volumes total over one thousand known prescription therapy social properties:

Even with all the effort that Klick pours into this database every year it can never be complete. If any third parties are interested in sharing data please contact our Social Practice to see if an opportunity exists.

The full report takes a deep dive into the Facebook properties:

Ads Database

The report also looks at the Klick Ads Database. This is a database of Facebook and Instagram ads from 245 active Pages with over 11,000 entries. Looking into this database the Klick analysts were able to determine:

For a 30,000 foot view of the social landscape this report is not to be missed.

The Klick and WEGO Social Ads Study

This study was conducted during the summer of 2019 and features five ads in the migraine space from Facebook. We had humble goals for the surveys, only 30 patients and 50 marketers. WEGO’s patient database absolutely blew away our goals even on the first day:

In this study the researchers looked at survey results from the WEGO patients and the Klick-supplied pharma marketers and compared the opinions found on the ads. The results were intriguing and weren’t all bad news for us marketers.

So what are you waiting for? Download yours today and get the latest research from Klick Health and WEGO Health.

Get your copy of the Hashtags POV
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Brad Einarsen

Brad is Klick's Senior Director leading the social practice. His group ensures that clients get the best bang for their buck on the social platforms.

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