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Instagram turns to AI to burn troll comments


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Facebook's Instagram platform is using an AI system to automatically hide troll comments from its comment sections.

The system, called DeepText, is based on recent advances in artificial intelligence and a concept called word embeddings, which means it is designed to mimic the way language works in our brains. When the system encounters a new word, it does what we do and tries to deduce meaning from all the other words around it.

This type of AI (or machine learning (ML) if you prefer -Ed.) is something that pharma could really use as its current moderation technology is well described by Wired:

Instagram’s first step was to hire a team of men and women to sort through comments on the platform and to classify them as spam or not spam. This kind of job, which is roughly the social media equivalent of being asked to dive onto a grenade, is common in the technology industry.

The article goes on to say:

Humans train machines to perform monotonous or even demoralizing tasks, which the machines will ultimately do better. If the humans do the job well, they lose the work. In the meantime, however, everyone else’s feeds get saved.

Isn’t that always the way? Automation is ultimately better but the displaced workers need a path forward (but we digress -Ed.).

Source: Wired

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