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Our ongoing analysis of social platforms feeds into our continuously-updated Best Practices report. Last week we finished a comprehensive update of the Facebook section and created a list of known pharma properties. Want to know what your competition is up to? Read on and download the PDF report at the bottom of this blog post.

The Klick Facebook properties list currently has 193 entries (135 active and 58 inactive) with a broad array of different page types (active only):

The different page types in the Klick database of active properties

The different page types in the Klick database of active properties


As we updated the list we found a few trends that are changing the face of pharma social media.

Comments on Branded Pages

We now see 50% of branded pages enabling comments (12 with and 12 without). This is a major shift from even one year ago where there were only a handful of known branded drug pages with  comments on. Inside these pages seem to be two different philosophies of moderation: hands-on and hands-off.

The hands-on group moderates heavily and keeps a lot of comments hidden. These pages don’t seem to have more responses than the hands-off group and some pages are so fresh with comments, such as GilenyaGO, that it’s difficult to determine their approach.

The hands-off group seems to indicate that some in the industry are taking the FDA at their word that “if you don’t touch it, you don’t own it.” For a description of the 2014 guidance you can download our POV. These pages leave all comments up regardless of content but still respond to some.

Promoted Condition Information on Corporate Pages

Our ongoing monitoring of the US market on Facebook shows that corporate pages are starting to engage in more condition marketing for both existing and pipeline drugs.

Sponsored carousel ads from pharma Facebook properties

Sponsored carousel ads from pharma Facebook properties

We’re also seeing more Carousel ads in our sponsored ad monitoring that span the range from disease-awareness communities to branded pages to corporate initiatives.

Black Box can Play Too

Currently there are three branded Facebook pages in our list for black box drugs. These groups are so far relying on the “reminder like” talk that the FDA has issued over the years as they muse about aligning digital and print regulations. We believe that Facebook has enough space to allow for full claim ads and so can actually be used for black box drugs with indication included in the messaging as we discuss in our blog post Facebook and Black Box Drugs.

Finding the Sites

We keep tabs on a large number of social properties, including Facebook pages. Discovering these properties can be difficult and time consuming. If you know of any Facebook pages that are owned by pharma companies and not on our list, contact the social team at Klick Health and we’ll add them!

The List

If you’re still with us, or if you simply scrolled over the commentary to get to the download, here you are, the current Facebook Properties (Q4 2016 – FB).


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