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Facebook Messenger Part II: Automate Your Way to Conversions


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The second part of our Facebook Messenger blog series: Here we'll expand on the ways Pharma can engage on the app, and how to use automated messaging to drive website traffic.

Part one discussed how to set up your brand’s Facebook page for a better Messenger experience. The next step would be getting users to engage on Messenger with your brand. Before you begin advertising that you are on Messenger, it is best to consider what the initial interaction with your brand will be.

A strong approach would be setting up a small series of automated messages that a user can interact with. This will create the sense of convenience for your customers, which in turn will build closeness with your brand.

We tested out automated messaging within Messenger on our famous test page, Lorem Ipsum. Buttons and images can link out to external URLs, thusly driving traffic to your website. Take a look:


As you can see this series of automated messages are set up for an unbranded experience and point to different resources that may be available for the consumer. It can also work in the branded setting.

Facebook Messenger makes strategic sense for brands wanting to build a longterm relationship with their audience. Once you’ve enabled Messenger on your brand’s page, and decided what information you want to deliver to them you can begin to run Facebook ads that drive to Messenger. Facebook ads aren’t the only way for users to opt-in to having a conversation with you. You can add a “Send to Messenger” plug-in on your website. Both approaches allow for a user to initiate a conversation with your brand, which in turn, will allow you to send sponsored messages to them at a later date. This feature is still being rolled out on Facebook, not all accounts may have it yet.

Messenger is becoming more and more attractive for brands to deliver CRM programs through and pharma should take note. Messenger already has an engaged audience. What will your brand do to be apart of the conversation?



Contact your Klick Social Rep and they’ll get your started on a Facebook Messenger strategy.

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Susan Sutherland

Susan Sutherland has been working in marketing for the last several years specializing in pharmaceuticals, lifestyle and OTC brands. While at Klick she has driven brand results for companies such as Takeda, Novartis, Allergan, and UCB. She has a strong background in social media strategy, most notably having worked on the award-winning Lighter Blue campaign for Takeda that earned the title of the top pharma page in the US with posts exceeding 1MM likes. Her passion lies in finding unique audience insights to drive digital strategies. At Klick, Susan can be found activating strategies and tactics across a suite of brands. Her work includes experience in oncology, neurology, gastroenterology and mental health.

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