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Facebook Messenger for Pharma: Part I


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Over a billion people use Facebook Messenger every month, and your brand should join them. Welcome to the first in a three-part blog series about FB Messenger and the many ways pharma can engage on the app. We’ll start with simple steps to begin your journey on the platform…

Less email. More messenger.

Emails arrived in 1972 and not much else has changed about the way we communicate with them. But with messenger app-use growing, it’s time for pharma to take notice. Facebook Messenger has 1 billion users on the platform every month and the preference for messaging as a form of communication is growing globally among consumers.

Facebook Messaging is cross-generational. 65% of Millennials prefer to engage via messaging over other methods of communications and other generations aren’t far behind. This makes it ideal for many target audiences.


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So how can pharma play in this space? What steps can brands take towards Messenger integration?

The first step would be optimizing your brand’s Facebook page towards a better Messenger experience. If your brand already has a Facebook page setting up messenger is fairly simple. Majority of setup is opting-in to a few settings and creating a few custom pieces of copy.

Once you’ve changed the setting on your Facebook page to allow user’s to message your brand, you can choose a custom greeting, instant reply and out-of-office message. All of these settings help by letting the user know that you’re available to chat and will get back to them as soon as possible.

A Messenger strategy works best for brands who want to continue to build customer relationships and prolong the communications between customer and brand. This can easily be mapped back to a pharma CRM campaign, the main difference being that Messenger creates a dialogue verse a monologue. Messenger transforms the current unilateral experience customers have in emails and engages them in a conversation on the Messenger platform.

The next step: Email integration! Stay tuned for Part II of this series…


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Susan Sutherland

Susan Sutherland has been working in marketing for the last several years specializing in pharmaceuticals, lifestyle and OTC brands. While at Klick she has driven brand results for companies such as Takeda, Novartis, Allergan, and UCB. She has a strong background in social media strategy, most notably having worked on the award-winning Lighter Blue campaign for Takeda that earned the title of the top pharma page in the US with posts exceeding 1MM likes. Her passion lies in finding unique audience insights to drive digital strategies. At Klick, Susan can be found activating strategies and tactics across a suite of brands. Her work includes experience in oncology, neurology, gastroenterology and mental health.

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