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FB held its first health-focused summit in NYC recently, and Klick was there! We’re excited to share what we’ve learned, and apply new tools and features to your pharma social media campaigns…

“Health Summit 2017: Health in the Era of Mobile” in NYC early in June was invite-only and media-dark, guests including pharma clients and their marketing partners. Enticed by the astronomical levels of engagement but terrified by the risk, pharma has dabbled and even indulged in Facebook to varying degrees of success—and clearly the world’s largest social network and media behemoth wants to continue and expand that relationship.



Led by Meredith Guerriero, FB director of health, grocery, drug, and politics verticals (her title implicitly suggesting where pharma seems to fit, at least for now, in their pantheon of verticals). “We’ve seen the indicators now that people want more of this, and hopefully we’ll be able to make it even bigger next year and extend invites even further,” Meredith told Beth Snyder Bulik of FiercePharma, adding, “It’s also just about bringing the industry together. There are not many forums where they can all come together—and live and breathe within the Facebook environment as well.”

Klick Social Health has been closely tracking every FB feature tweak for years, from shifts in white labeling to the very latest canvas ads. So our team was keen to lean into all the insights and best practices shared that day. The good news is that Facebook wants to make its platform friendly for pharma, and in so doing has come to understand the clinical, legal, and regulatory rules we are forced to follow. The even better news is the reciprocal relationship between the social network and its clients, both listening, learning, and trusting in a manner proportionate to the enthusiasm of millions of people eager to share and discuss their health concerns online among their peers.

A few highlights from the summit:

This was the second year of the summit:

Guerriero said interest in the summit spiked after news of the meeting hit the media–although the get-together was not a secret as reports suggested. The ensuing upsurge in phone calls, questions and activity on her LinkedIn page confirmed for her that the industry is ready and even eager to be steeped in the Facebook milieu.

“We have a year and a half under our belts now, and we can understand and empathize with our clients. We’re able to educate internally to move faster for them–or set any type of guard rails that they might need so that they’re feeling safe and are compliant with all the regulatory and policy constraints that they face.”

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