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Last week after the Super Bowl the World_Record_Egg revealed why it was cracking with a short Instagram video post with a URL that shows a worldwide list of mental health agencies and a call for followers to send more.

You really should watch the video yourself but here is a simple storyboard:




The account, world_record_egg from The Egg Gang in London, UK, is the work of PR creative, Chris Godfrey. It started with a simple message, “let’s beat Kylie Jenner” and then morphed into a mental health play.




But was that the intent from the start? Our theory is that it started simply as a lark to see if an egg could take over from Kylie Jenner as the top liked image and then the mental health aspect was brilliantly added after. This would make sense because you can’t guarantee that an image will go viral – and if it doesn’t it is best that you don’t have clients asking for updates on a daily basis.


It’s possible that the whole thing was planned out from the beginning, but we doubt it. The explanation in The Telegraph makes the most sense:

The user said the experiment started out as something funny but turned into a “whirlwind week” after thousands of “likes” poured in.

The idea of attempting to break the record for the most popular photo occurred to him when he was doing dry January.

“The user” we now know was Chris Godfrey and it looks like he turned what was a lark into a worldwide message about mental health. Good on you, Godfrey!


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