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Doctors using Snapchat to share patient cases


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When there's a battle between convenience and security convenience will almost always win. That's what the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK found when Google DeepMind Health did a study.

Doctors are using Snapchat to send patient scans to each other, a panel of health and tech experts has found, concluding the “digital revolution has largely bypassed the NHS”.

Clinicians use camera apps to record particular details of patient information in a convenient format, the panel said in a report, describing it as “clearly an insecure, risky, and non-auditable way of operating, and cannot continue”.

To their point, it is non-auditable. That’s the whole point of Snapchat.

Doctors have smartphones in their pockets and they are resourceful, they will find the most efficient way to help their patients and if that means using a Gen Z social app that deletes content after a set amount of time… then that’s what they’ll do.

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