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Curation, and why it matters


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The current buzzword of choice in discussion of social media is curation. While the roots of this word have more to do with museum collections than they do web presences, it’s a fairly apt description of a large series of behaviors seen online, especially with rapidly growing, curation-focused platforms like Pinterest and Tumblr garnering significant media attention.

Curation is:

Many people are confusing the third bullet point for the entirety of the issue. Sharing comes in many different forms, and curation is only one of them – curated sharing is One-To-Many, and has more in common with publishing, than it does with purely personal pursuits like journaling, or One-To-One sharing such as posting a link on someone’s Facebook timeline.

Curation is important not because it’s a more important form of sharing, but because it’s one of the highest impact / lowest effort versions. There are many influential members of the Tumblr community who only post content created by others, and Pinterest as a platform is based entirely on this dynamic.

How can you best take advantage of curation?

While not everyone continues expressing themselves creatively as they age, everyone has a desire to be a creative person. Curation platforms allow people a chance to express themselves in this way, without needing anything beyond time, and their own personal taste

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