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Company social media can still be human

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A company’s social media channels can still be human. I know this may not seem possible in the highly regulated world of pharmaceutical marketing, but it is, and I have the blog post to prove it.

The Spirit of the Marathon – Millennium Blog

Our client, Pat Connelly at Millennium Oncology has written a post that expresses the connection that the people of Boston have to the marathon and the sense of sadness and confusion that the bombings created. This post is from the heart. It captures Pat’s emotion to the race, the bombing, and the reactions of those who immediately helped the victims.

Read this post, it shows that there are no regulations that say we cannot expose our humanity. We are miles away, but our thoughts also go out to the victims and their families.

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Leerom Segal

Leerom is a founding partner at Klick and oversees projects at the executive level to ensure client satisfaction with quality and on-time and on-budget delivery. An accomplished strategist and technologist, Leerom is committed to surpassing client expectations and building long-term relationships.

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