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Big brands getting into crowdfunding to drive awareness


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Here is something that really caught our attention – big brand Clorox, which owns Soy Vay, ran a Kickstarter campaign for Veri Veri Teriyaki.

The main goal for Clorox isn’t to get crowdfunding for its new project, it is to get market awareness by influencers and early adopters.


Image scaled from Kickstarter project

“The Kickstarter thing just kind of naturally evolved, where we said it made sense as an awareness driver, as a way to build one-to-one connections with consumers in a way that’s very important to us and, frankly, as a way to cut against the grain of typical product launches in CPG,” said Adam Simons, who is head of emerging brands at Clorox.

Crowdfunding for the next Parkinson’s treatment? Likely not. Crowdfunding for a help package that assists caregivers dealing with a family member with Parkinson’s? Maybe.

Source: Econsultancy

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