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Researchers used the 2018 Health Information National Trends Survey and found that 35% of the population watches medical-oriented YouTube videos. The researchers make the assumption that this activity is inherently bad for the patient (something we dispute, but whatever -Ed.) and seek to determine if better physician communication results in lower YouTube usage.

For what it’s worth, they did find a relationship but it’s difficult to determine the strength of it based on the report (someone with more stats than us could do it -Ed.). The researchers say:

In summary, we found that perceived patient-provider communication quality (measured on a composite scale and as individual items), age, race/ethnicity, and education were significantly associated with watching health-related videos on YouTube. Our findings are in line with previous studies showing poor patient-provider communication was associated with higher online health information seeking [6,60] and sociodemographic differences in use of social media platforms [8,61-63]. New findings are that higher perceived patient-provider communication quality is associated with lower odds of watching health-related videos on YouTube.



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