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Bots and machine learning are all the rage, but did you know automation can actually help you with pharma social media community management? Here’s how…

Google Alphabet has been busy, active projects ranging from robotics to longevity. Look under “J” and you’ll find Jigsaw, having just released code called “Perspective” designed to recognize and help thwart inappropriate and abusive user generated content.

Try the interface for yourself here, and discover why The New York Times and other media outlets are already plugging into its API to help optimize comment moderation and social media community management with their machine learning algorithms.

While the impact of “Healthbots” continues to be explored across the patient journey from symptoms through diagnostics and even treatment, the practical application of remedial yet effective artificial intelligence is already heightening efficiencies for pharma social media.

Klick’s own Brad Einarsen recently presented at the Digital Health Coalition Spring Summit, sharing the “Top 7 Social Media Best Practices.” Make sure you’re signed up for the Klick Wire to receive the full download of the deck soon as it becomes available.

Meanwhile, consider Best Practice #5: Automation. As Brad showcased, using machine learning and a back-end bot can help rapidly and accurately process thousands of comments in real time, 24/7/365. Ask him about the “Klick Comment Moderator” tool #kcm.

In addition to faster and more accurate comment moderation, the multi-layer workflow brings diverse experts into the mix. The layers of protection help keep your brands safer, and the ability to measure everything opens the door to continuous optimization.

Although the end goal of creating a social media response bot capable of passing “The Turing Test” and convincingly emulating a human moderator is still distant, tools like KCM already help brands get the most value from limited moderation resources.

After years of trial and error, pharma social media has finally reached a tipping point—largely thanks to these new technological tools that make community management more efficient and reliable. Klick Social Health is using them daily to manage top brands. Why not yours?

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