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Cultivating A More Highly Engaged Workplace with SenseiOS

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Klick’s story began nearly 20 years ago, when we started life as a technology-first partner to the life science industry. Over the last two decades, we’ve grown and matured into the full service agency we are today, providing a full range of solutions and services. When faced with growing project and task complexity, we developed our own software platform called SenseiOS, to orchestrate our work, collaborate across silos, develop new capabilities, and manage across our full spectrum of project types.

The Genesis of SenseiOS

We have spent the past 18 months in stealth mode, commercializing the platform under the auspices of Sensei Labs, the newest member of the Klick family. SenseiOS has become an enterprise class, cloud-based, SaaS operating system deployed to clients across a wide range of industries and company sizes. We are excited to introduce this amazing collaboration and cultural amplification platform to you.

SenseiOS solves a broad range of organizational challenges for today’s hypergrowth organizations. From attracting and hiring the best people to mapping your organization’s knowledge graph, and finding the right people for the right jobs, to supercharging collaboration and communication. SenseiOS is well positioned to support leaders in driving engagement across their organization.


Engagement is a Competitive Advantage: Why Should You Care?


Engaged Stats

Sources: DecisionWise, Gallup, Harvard Business Review

For some people, work is simply showing up at the office and then counting down the hours until they can go home. Their complete lack of engagement threatens the very success of the organization that employs them. Instead of trying to reach their potential, only the required and bare minimum effort is done. Disengaged team members result in higher attrition rates, toxic work environments, bad team morale and a huge amount of waste and cost.

Seven Disruptive Secrets that Make People Love Work

Adopting the right technology brings success and can provide a competitive advantage. The world’s most highly engaged companies are applying the secrets of disruptive technology across seven key characteristics to significantly drive engagement:


  1. People’s Voices Matter

People aren’t engaged just by being told what to do, they want to shape their work. There are hundreds of single-purpose solutions that touch on these needs, but the new frontier is in unifying siloed streams into holistic solutions with a common data layer.


  1. Real-Time Teachable Moments

Technology has shifted learning from a top-down, standardized approach to one that is more flexible, participatory, real-time, and less hierarchical, with content curation coming from all levels of the organization.


  1. Optimizing Work for High Performance

Engaged people want to focus on their best, most productive work without the distraction of email, without unnecessary process, and with full accountability. New collaboration and communication tools are able to replace email, drive accountability and performance, and give people control in prioritizing high-impact work.


  1. Fostering Connection and Collaboration

As organizations scale, technology can be leveraged to sustain connections and drive continued collaboration. These organizations leverage everyday technology and adapt it for the business landscape.


  1. Creating Harmony Between Tools and Values

Fast companies use technology as a springboard for cultural amplification, focused on driving engagement, attracting top talent, reducing attrition rates, and improving overall performance levels.


  1. Turning Mundane Into Extraordinary

Engagement needs to be about more than just the work. The most successful companies create moments of delight and joy that emotionally connect team members to the company’s culture.


  1. Connecting to Purpose

Technology can help amplify a company’s vision, mission, and purpose. It acts as a reminder and increases awareness around the reasons that people do what they do.


The Right Technology: SenseiOS




For fast organizations who thrive on growth and building cultures of human achievement, SenseiOS is a family of work apps designed to engage your people while helping them to communicate, orchestrate work, and make better decisions. The Sensei Wisdom layer is key to the success of the platform—this shared data layer makes the apps wise beyond their parts and allows work and learning to happen faster for individuals, teams, and companies.


Download Your Free Guide

For the full guide on the Seven Disruptive Secrets that Make People Love Work, and how SenseiOS can help your growing organization cultivate a more highly engaged workplace download your free guide today.




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Jay Goldman

Jay and his team at Klick's Sensei Labs are reinventing the technology of management by helping companies execute and evolve faster with SenseiOS, the enterprise operating system for hyper-growth companies. Jay is also the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller THE DECODED COMPANY: Know Your Talent Better Than You Know Your Customers (Portfolio/Penguin), which reveals how industry-leading companies are decoding employee work data to personalize, simplify, and enhance the user experience.

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