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The name Klick Health may be known for our digital health solutions in the marketing and healthcare circles, but it’s also known across the internet for our awesome holiday video greeting cards.

Our first attempt at creating a video greeting card resulted in this little number: a lip-dub video featuring 63 different memes; everything from “The Old Spice Guy” to “The Great Office Nerf War.”

This video, produced entirely in-house during afterhours and featuring all Klick staff at the time, was a HUGE success. The video went viral, garnering well over 100,000 views in just a matter of weeks. It was even described by CNN as “brilliant and overwhelming,” as well as being featured on multiple media outlets across North America, including Comedy Central, CBC News and Marketing Magazine, to name a few.

We also produced a video for 2011, check it out below!

Most recently, this video earned attention for Klick in the pharma marketing magazine, PM360. Earning itself a gold medal in the PM360 PharmaChoice awards, for best digital self-promotion, the Klick Health leadership team was featured on the cover of PM360.

PM360 Cover

And, some of its creative team was featured within the magazine; showcasing a clip from the video itself – the Great Office Nerf War.

PM360 Inside Cover

As you may have seen (released just a few months ago now), Klick Health has done it again! The 2011 holiday video has surpassed the YouTube views of Klick’s first video, reaching just under 150,000 views. Once again, the video features every single Klick employee at the time and was created entirely in-house.

This time around, the video was more holiday-oriented. It features Klick employees spoofing our favorite holiday movies and TV specials; more than 50 different films/programs and well over 150 different characters.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out!

So what’s next for Klick? You’ll just have to wait and see…

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Jillian Mojeski

Jillian Mojeski is the Communications Coordinator; responsible for managing PR, media relations, internal communications, corporate social responsibility and supporting the Culture and Engagement team at Klick.

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