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POV: How Klick Media Gives its Clients a Media Edge

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As the largest independent pharma marketing communications agency in the world, Klick Health has built its business on the belief that success, in its highest form, is mutual. Which is why, at every turn, we make the effort to align with our clients’ best interests. Our full service/omni-channel media practice within Klick Health is no exception. Tapping into Klick’s unique strengths and best practices as a company, Klick Media ensures that every media dollar entrusted to us is not simply accounted for, but spent wisely and well. The success of our media planning and buying team is powered by three key principles:

A dedicated focus on Pharma. What differentiates Klick Media from other media agencies is the company’s single-minded focus on Pharma/Health/Life Sciences.  Our unmatched understanding of the ins and outs of our sector equips us to deliver holistic, high impact communications solutions to a complex, ever-evolving industry. Beyond our familiarity with MLR activations and the inner workings of the OPDP, we are sensitive to time, sequencing and frequency opportunities. Our grasp of long-term content requirements means our clients never run the risk of wearing out. The big picture opportunity is never an afterthought and never a scramble. We know exactly what it takes to get our clients live and to market: clear intent is baked into our DNA.

An obsession with business performance.  Typical media performance indicators include efficiency (CPM), click thru rates (CTR) and depth of brand site visitation as measured by such factors as page views and bounce rates. Klick Media surpasses these benchmarks by crafting programs that help our clients meet their sales goals not just their media goals. By weaving measures of sales/ROI performance into each client activation and using third party measurement partners to gage ROI, we help ensure every dollar of our investment with vendors is optimised.

A commitment to transparency. Much has been written about the lack of transparency in media. For Klick Media, transparency has never been an issue simply because it has always been a practice. As an independent agency serving a sector rife with regulatory and privacy issues, we quickly recognized the need to be as open as possible in every media transaction we perform on a client’s behalf.  The client pays what we pay. There is no margin or mark up that has not been fully expressed or agreed to, and every transaction we make on a client’s behalf is verifiable and auditable. Transparency is both standard operating procedure and a contractual promise that we put in writing.

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Dori Cappola

With nearly 20 years of media experience, Dori brings a unique perspective on bringing direct response elements and optimization tactics to the pharmaceutical space. She leads a team who have highly specialized skill sets covering media strategy from digital to broadcast to point of care. At Klick for 5 years, Dori oversees a host of brands and indication areas, focusing on transparent media designed to drive ROI.

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