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Omni-Channel and Multi-Screens


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TV still owns the living room—but has to share it with other channels. That’s because viewers are also on their mobile devices, multitasking commercial breaks with Facebook. What might this mean for marketers, and how should brands respond?

“TransMedia” was everyone’s favorite buzz word five or so years ago, data revealing an exponential shift to multiscreen engagement. The word sounded cool before instantly becoming cliché, although the behavior remains not only true, but increasingly relevant: We all juggle devices throughout the day, bouncing between our ubiquitous smartphones, tablets and laptops depending on couch or office, always relying on the big screen TV as evening entertainment backdrop.

A fascinating new mini-report from Facebook confirms these habits, while adding dimensionality in the form of what we actually do—namely, many of us browsing and chattering on social media during commercials. As FB blogger Mark Rabkin points out, “smartphones aren’t tiny televisions,” creating distinct experiences that demand unique but integrated media strategies. Putting data where his mouth is, Mark shares these contrasting charts:


Facebook use while not watching a popular TV show


Facebook use while watching a popular TV show — notice spikes during commercials


Twitter has acknowledged this multichannel interplay for years and Facebook now reinforces it, behooving today’s marketers to rethink traditionally fragmented media mix modeling. With millions of viewers oscillating their engagement and device use between television and social media during prime time, brands need a coordinated “omni-channel” approach demanding proven experience in broadcast, social, and mobile media.

With pharma and Facebook becoming fast friends, this détente between television and social becomes increasingly vital for healthcare marketers, too. Pharma marketing budgets often play an antiquated zero-sum game between broadcast TV and digital spend: Instead, the new and evolving “TransMedia” reality requires adaptive and agile approaches to media that maximize engagement and integration across every consumer touch point.

Klick Health is uniquely positioned to give your brand the creative, technological, and data-driven media advantage it needs. With proven expertise in broadcast, social, and mobile, Klick offers the depth and breadth you need across every available channel; and with a data and analytics engine core to our DNA, we’re able to connect the dots and optimize/substantiate value for stakeholders throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

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