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If your marketing group is creating apps you know how crowded the app stores are. Media is one way to generate interest in your app and make sure that your target group knows that it exists. To that end, the Klick media team stays on top of the different options for promoting apps. Here are the best practices for promoting apps on the Google network.


Drive App downloads by promoting it in relevant places where people are spending time with their phone.

Targeting/Placement Strategy

Run mobile app ads throughout the Google Display Network and leverage existing search keywords that are performing well.

The main types of ads for promoting app installs are:

  1. TrueView for App Installs — these serve alongside TrueView In-Stream ads
  2. App Promotion Ads — these serve on Google.com as search ads or in-app as text or image ads
  3. App Extensions — these serve as search ad extensions on Google.com
  4. Image Ads — these serve in-app or on GDN
There are many places that mobile ads can link directly to apps

There are many places that mobile ads can link directly to apps

Buying Model


This is a great way to engage users with the brand on mobile. With a very cost efficient buying model, you can ensure that you are only paying for users who are interested. Production for this unit should also be very low since we only need to build a static image and a few lines of text.

Ensure you are reaching a relevant audience by using search keyword targeting. Drive patients to download the app you are giving users a different brand experience on mobile.

Is this right for the Brand?

This would be a benefit to any brand that has a mobile application already developed and pre-existing approved keywords. Instead of driving users to absorb content on the mobile site, it allows patients who are already diagnosed to engage with the brand.

Assets Needed

For Text:

For Image:

The images must also correspond to the Google requirements:

Android Package Name or iOS App ID

For the ad system to make the link directly to the mobile app, it needs the identifier. This information is available from the developers who created the app. In addition to the standard Headline and Description, these ads will automatically pull in the following information from the app store:

Android apps:

iOS apps:

So, with only a few extra pieces of information we can change a standard Google campaign into one that allows marketers to encourage users to try out their mobile app. If you’re going to spend all that money on the app itself, it’s definitely worthwhile to spend a little to promote it to your target audiences.

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