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Defeat the ad blocking age with earned media


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Ad blocking has increased, but earned media can help.

Choosing the right ratio of paid, owned, and earned media is the core of your engagement strategy. Since “Build it and They Won’t Come” is the new media mantra, pharma marketers must explore innovative new ways to optimize outreach and conversion. 

Paid media remains the workhorse of every campaign, many brands relying on paid promotions to help heighten brand awareness and increase key actions. But did you know 27.5% of US internet users will use ad blockers this year? Check out Klick’s many POVs and updates on this challenging new reality

Since these paid ads can run the risk of being blocked, what is the work-around? How do brands get the word out through less traditional promotions? What might this mean for ingenious applications of social media, which could effectively supplement your paid efforts? 

With ad blockers being here to stay, it may be time to augment your paid mix with content you’re delivering on your social platforms. A few brands have been experimenting with experiential marketing and it can create BIG WAVES on social.

The combo of paid media with earned can do huge things for a brand. Take a look at how Tom’s turned a VR experience in something users could share on social.



Earned media is becoming more important with the use of ad blockers. And it is creating an event, like Tom’s did, that will help active your social followers and grow your brand’s awareness in social. If your brand can showcase how a drug works through VR or create an interactive patient experience people will talk about. And more importantly, people will share it, spreading your brand to their whole network.

Now, Klick isn’t saying completely stop your paid promotions, but earned media is something to consider in how it fits in with your social media strategy. Creating more events or experiences gives your followers and future followers something to talk about.

Contact your Klick Social Rep and they’ll get your started on a social content strategy.

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Susan Sutherland

Susan Sutherland has been working in marketing for the last several years specializing in pharmaceuticals, lifestyle and OTC brands. While at Klick she has driven brand results for companies such as Takeda, Novartis, Allergan, and UCB. She has a strong background in social media strategy, most notably having worked on the award-winning Lighter Blue campaign for Takeda that earned the title of the top pharma page in the US with posts exceeding 1MM likes. Her passion lies in finding unique audience insights to drive digital strategies. At Klick, Susan can be found activating strategies and tactics across a suite of brands. Her work includes experience in oncology, neurology, gastroenterology and mental health.

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