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Novartis, Ali, and Christina

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Recently CFvoice began promoting a duo of singing sisters, Ali and Christina Christensen, on a special microsite featuring a new song: Ali and Christina: Something About Me. CFvoice is Novartis’ ambitious unbranded site all about Cystic Fibrosis.

The sisters captured the nation’s attention on America’s Got Talent and have gone on to record an EP released in February, 2011. During this time they must have been approached by Novartis because in April, 2012 they produced and released their new song exclusively on CFvoice.

How Novartis approached the sisters isn’t public knowledge but they are getting some traction out of the partnership. A quick Google search shows that the sisters and CFvoice have been mentioned together in:

The ability of visitors to download the song from the CFvoice site, for members only, is a great tactic to ensure that the URL gets mentioned in all the news coverage. Novartis is never mentioned in these discussions which probably makes it much more palatable to the sisters and the magazines.

Visit the site, and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

If you know any more details about this initiative, let us know in the comments…

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