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Multichannel marketing report: what HCPs want

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A new report from eyeforpharma looks at the difficulty in seeing physicians, the decline in sales rep numbers, and what physicians want online. The free teaser for this report, Embracing the Change: An Introduction to Multichannel Marketing, shows how the changing environment is making access to physicians much more difficult for pharmaceutical companies. The answer to this reduced access is a higher focus on digital tactics:

“Multichannel marketing is changing the whole digital ecosystem that we live in and that’s a positive thing,” observes James Musick, Director of Social Media and Web communications of Genentech.

For physicians, the topics of most interest were:

What physicians want when searching for information online

Also in the report:

Content Strategy

All of this points the way for more effective digital offerings to get physicians’ attention. Don’t just push out “your” messaging, give your target physicians and KOLs the materials they need to better do their own jobs. The top interests of the survey respondents provide some good ideas for content and media campaigns:

Finally, make sure that the different channels compliment one another and build a content “ecosystem” that helps your physicians get their work done. That is the best way to capture the attention of these extremely busy groups.

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Brad is Klick's Director of Digital Insight, supporting our Strategy, Accounts, and New Business groups to gather, disseminate, and make accessible knowledge about our clients, their products, and the markets in which they operate.

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