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Digital channels provide option when door is closed


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An upcoming study by CMI/Compas takes a detailed look at how different HCP specialties accept drug reps into their practices for updates and news. The results aren’t all one-sided, they show a landscape that varies by specialty and that has room for both in-person visits and digital channels.

Some of the findings in the report:

The takeaway? You need to craft all interactions, digital and in-person, to be quick. Doctors have little tolerance for wasted time in their day. An MM&M story on the same study showed this quote from CMI:

CMI’s chief marketing and innovation officer Susan Dorfman noted a subtle point within these preferences, telling MM&M via email that the difference in phone and web conference preference indicates that the act of presenting information is proof that the web tools “add HUGE value in access and time invested” [Dorfman’s caps].

Source: FiercePharma

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