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WorldOne acquires Sermo – interview with Michael Marett

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We interviewed Michael Marett, SVP of Global Business Development at WorldOne Interactive, about today’s announcement of their acquisition of Sermo. You already know Sermo, the largest social network devoted strictly to US physicians. WorldOne may not be top of mind though, so here’s some history:

WorldOne was founded by Peter Kirk 12 years ago and until recently was focused on HCP research. In recent years the organization has expanded its offerings into more engagement activities, which included the launch of WorldOne Interactive. These interactive offerings include the self-serve FastResponse Intelligence portal, the survey tool MedLIVE™, and the online health game, DocTANGO™. The acquisition of Sermo helps to strengthen these offerings with a fully-formed social network to tie them together.

The financials of the transaction are not released as both companies are private.

What’s in it for WorldOne?

WorldOne already has 1.7 million global HCPs across 80 countries worldwide. The Sermo acquisition increases their US physician ranks to somewhere around 350,000 unique, verified individuals and enhances their platform with full social interaction.

“It’s a huge move for our business and an exciting time for both organizations and the industry” said Marett, “The combination accelerates our mission to create unique engagement platforms and drive bidirectional utility for both HCPs and clients across social channels and digital platforms.”

Marett sees this acquisition as an immediate opportunity to change the game by providing more access, greater scale, enriched offerings and opportunities for physicians, other healthcare professionals, and clients.

What’s in it for Sermo?

It’s no secret that Sermo’s growth was relatively flat for the past 12 months. This acquisition will bring them a large number of additional US physicians to whom they can offer their social services. Also, WorldOne has a view toward expanding the Sermo offering from being US-only to a global service in the “not too distant future.”

For now, however, there will be no immediate changes to the Sermo platform and anyone using it can be assured that with the backing of WorldOne its future is even bigger and brighter.


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