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A new report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau is loaded with jaw-dropping stats about our finger-tapping. Mobile engagement has become virtually ubiquitous, with ever-increasing opportunities for digital marketers, including pharma. Let’s take a quick look…

We’ve all experienced the sudden paralysis induced from realizing we forgot our phone at home. So shamelessly dependent, we’d rather lose our car keys or wallet—and so obsessed we without hesitation endure going all the way back to fetch our phone rather than survive an entire day without it.

These apocryphal stories are good news for smartphone manufacturers and psychiatrists, while the new IAB report “Always On: A Global Perspective of Mobile Experience” is absolutely terrific news for marketers, including pharma ones. Check out their infographic for mind-blowing quick facts, and when you get off your phone for a second download the full report for all the astonishing details.

A topline takeaway is this: More than 20% of global smartphone owners use their device at least once every five minutes, while nearly half of all users are motivated to react to mobile ads. Five minutes! Does that even constitute an “addiction”? What else do we consistently do every five minutes aside from breathe? Even “light” users are compulsive: nearly two-thirds use their device every half hour or less.

The incessant deluge of data somehow doesn’t distract from mobile ads: Retention within the first few days after seeing an ad is extraordinarily high at over 90%, while 86% recall ads from mobile apps, too. In terms of access, 90% surf the Internet, and 84% primarily use apps. And what are almost all mobile users doing? Heads up, pharma—they are searching for information, often health-related:


Go Mobile or Go Home

From the first responsive websites to sophisticated and integrated mobile-first strategies, the Klick Media Team not only anticipated these trends, but has helped brands thrive. Does your marketing partner understand mobile, and are they able to keep your brands compliant? Do they have proven strategies to address ad blocking, and optimally target your diverse healthcare audiences? Call Klick!

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