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Physicians are seeing iPads everywhere

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The iPad is infiltrating physicians’ lives at an astounding rate. They see these devices everywhere they look. The pharma Reps that visit them are bringing iPads; the doctors own them; and they use them both at home and in the office. Some, so far a small minority, even use them with patients in the exam room.

The Apple platform (iPad / iPhone) is the current mobile juggernaut. Android is starting to show up in the different studies, but not at the same volume as the Apple products. This probably reflects physicians’ ability to purchase the more expensive Apple device and the value they place on a tool that “just works” without a lot of effort on their part.

How do we know that iPads are making inroads? Just look at the studies that have been released recently and see the triangulation for yourself:

Manhattan Research

The ePharma Physician webinar conducted on Wednesday, August 22, highlighted some very interesting statistics:

Of the physicians who saw reps using iPads:

With that last statistic, consider that physicians are notoriously independent thinkers—it may be under reported.

Vitera EHR

Vitera, an EHR and practice management software provider, recently surveyed physicians in the US on their mobile device ownership and usage.

The devices that physicians own are:

MD Mindset

A survey of 1,500 physicians by MD Mindset® reports that the iPad is the delivery vehicle of choice for visual aids.

A key finding of the study: When sales professionals used the iPad in the primary care setting, two-minute sales calls were virtually eliminated. The percentage of two-minute (or less) sales calls dropped from 42.7% to 4.2% when an iPad was used.


A new report was released by ePocrates that talks about the HCP Digital Omnivore. These are HCPs that use all digital channels to stay connected and informed. The main points in the report:

Platform usage for professional purposes (not personal):

Apple is still dominant (but Android is making inroads):

AMA News

The AMA reported on a recent study that showed iPad usage. Notice that this study separated iPad usage from all other tablets.

Physician use Desktop Laptop Smartphone iPad Other tablet
Clinical needs 59% 35% 20% 12% 9%
Practice management 75% 25% 6% 5% 5%
E-prescribing 52% 30% 7% 7% 8%
EMR/EHR 44% 30% 4% 7% 8%

Source: 2012 National Physicians Survey, Sharecare/the little blue book, June


That’s a lot of triangulation on the iPad. It paints a picture of a physician audience who increasingly own the devices, who are willing to use them in practice, but who want to see the value of that usage. It also shows a physician population who are seeing more Reps carrying iPads and who are willing to view engaging content on those devices.

As iPad adoption becomes more common in the Rep population the physicians will see the devices as more a tool of the trade and less a new, shiny toy. As this happens it will be important that your sales force be able to show content that uses the new platform’s strengths.

If you want to see what an iPad can do when it has the right software, check out Klick iCONNECT™ and make every Rep as good as your best Rep.

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