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Facebook takes #1 spot on your smartphone

VP, Strategy - Mobile

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Move over, Google Maps, Facebook is taking your place at the top of the mobile app hill. Interpreting the stats, it looks like Apple’s decision to replace Google Maps with their own version has had a significant effect on usage. Meanwhile, Facebook has continued improving its offering and has leapt ahead of the stumbling Google Maps. Reading the chart, 85.6 million users used the Facebook app in December, 2012.

Facebook takes the lead in mobile traffic

The usage extends past just numbers of users as well. 23% of all time spent on apps is now through the Facebook offering. The next largest single app is 3%. One thing is certain, mobile users love their Facebook.

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Michele Perras

As VP Strategy - Mobile, Michele drives mobile and tablet initiatives across Klick Health’s client portfolio, and develops new innovations through Klick’s Mobile Centre of Excellence. Michele has over 10 years of experience working with web and mobile technologies.

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