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Wearables provide data that is free from bias and for this, and other, reasons they hold a lot of promise for use in clinical trials.

Enthusiasm around wearables within the clinical trial realm has more or less been fueled by what you’d expect: Data from these devices is culled directly from the user, rather than from the user’s own reports or recollections, or some other potentially error-prone third party. “In a lot of therapeutic areas, they’re using wearables to collect information that has never been collected in the past,” [Nelia Padilla, VP, global services global lead, digital health at IQVIA] explains. “You have the potential to actually see differences, in terms of [how] not all studies do the same thing.”

Apple and Fitbit are interested and actively pursuing strategies, according to the article, and two examples of trials are given (not in partnership, those are two distinct things -Ed.):

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