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The newest report from European research firm, R2G, shows the global state of mHealth app development and tries to separate the hype from the economic reality. This 36-page white paper is chock full of mHealth market insights:

Some findings from the report:

The market is still growing, more than half of mHealth app publishers have started in the past two years. Google and Apple own the mobile market in terms of volume, their app stores have 3x more mHealth apps than the next competitor, the Windows Phone Store.

The breakdown of apps has more “serious” mHealth apps than you might think:

A contributing factor to this split is that weight loss apps are classified under “obesity management” and there are many of those apps. 12% target chronic diseases with the largest segments here being:

In 2015 more than 3 billion downloads of mHealth apps have been estimated for the main app stores. The growth might eventually slow down in the future because of smartphone penetration reaching saturation level and constant average download numbers per user per year but this won’t happen soon.

Growth in downloads has been around 35% since 2013:


Image modified for email from R2G report

Publishers find a difficult market, 58% are unsatisfied with their performance compared to their targets. Only 18% generated revenue from their apps in 2014, and 3% generated over 1M USD.

Apps aren’t coming from “garages” any more though, the number of 1-2 person companies dropped from 15% in 2014 to 8% in 2015:


Image modified for email from R2G report

They aren’t coming from healthcare companies either. The largest grouping is 48% of apps from Tech or App developer companies. Meanwhile, only 5% were from Pharmaceutical companies and 6% from Medical device companies.

The goals that developers have for their apps skew toward altruism and cost reductions:

There are a lot more insights in the report and it’s definitely worth a download for any health marketers who are interested in building mHealth apps.

Source: research2guidance

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