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No positive effect found for patient adherence support for myocardial infarction


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A full "surround sound" program of patient support was created as a test for heart failure patients. The patients with the supports were not more adherent than those in the control group which raises questions about the effect of patient supports.

The three supports provided were:

It’s interesting that the researchers found no statistically significant difference between the two groups yet the 12-month costs for the groups seemed to be significantly lower for the intervention group. We’re putting the actual quote in here in case we’re reading the stats terminology wrong but this looks like there was some difference measured, just maybe not enough to be significant:

Mean (SD) medical costs in 12 months following enrollment did not differ between control ($29,811 [$74,850]) and intervention ($24,038 [$66,915]) (difference, -$5773; 95% CI, -$13,682 to $2,137; P=.15).

So, maybe they found no difference… or maybe the found an $8,000 difference that doesn’t quite meet the definition of significant. I don’t remember enough from my MBA stats class (sorry Walid Hejazi, I really am -Ed.) to made a determination, but in my books that’s a respectable difference that might make the interventions worthwhile.

Source: JAMA

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