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Mobile marketing report: the wellness game


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A new report from MM&M looks at the problem of adherence and how mobile apps have been used to try and solve the problem. The main technique being tried is gamification, the use of game design techniques to achieve persuasive goals.

“In so many people’s minds, there’s a real stretch in believability–just the word ‘game’ and what it implies in terms of seriousness,” says David Ultan, director of digital communications and integrated brand management at Genentech, which financially backed (through its Genentech Foundation) the second iteration of HopeLab’s Re-Mission mobile game for young cancer patients, a simulation that places them at the center of their treatment plans. “The idea of gaming as a diagnostic tool or as something that helps with adherence isn’t a natural idea for a lot of people. There’s a real trepidation and a pause.”

The pharmaceutical experts quoted in the story are:

Also from MM&M:

Source: MM&M

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