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This story in the MM&M talks about how mobile continues its progress even while pharmaceutical marketers vacillate. The introduction is about the patients who hacked their own way of receiving data from a Dexcom CGM device on the internet rather than wait for the manufacturer to get their’s approved (which has now happened).

“I don’t want to condone what the Diabetes dads did in any way, shape or form–let me make that clear,” says Will Falk, North and South America healthcare leader at PwC. “But if that’s not a clear indicator of consumer demand, I don’t know what is. These guys said, basically, ‘My child’s glucose is important to me. I’m going to have it on my phone, regardless of whether or not you give it to me.'”

The technically-savvy caregivers certainly led the way, but Dexcom obviously knew this was a need or they wouldn’t have had the apps in the certification process. In fact, the time between the hacked solution and the official one was incredibly short by healthcare standards.


Video on Dexcom Share page

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