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iPhones in specialist consultations more effective with annotations


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A small study (n=42) from the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) shows that specialist consultations between professionals are most effective when incorporating annotations into images. This study reinforces an element of research that is dear to us in the Klick Insights group: subjects, even highly trained specialists, cannot accurately predict their own performance. The test subjects expected that they would perform better with images than with just speech, but they didn’t think annotations would make a difference, but in the memory test they did.

The researchers found a disconnect between the self-reports and the recall test. Both the image group and the image plus annotations group evaluated the specialist’s support considerably more positively than the speech group. But on the recall test, the image-and-speech group scored comparably to the speech-only group, while the annotation group had markedly better recall.

It is reasonable to assume there is some learning here that can be applied to patients as well. Images are fine, but unless you allow the participants to annotate them the messages may not stick.

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