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Data abundance fueling new generation of health insurance startups


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The accessibility of large amounts of health data is creating a disruptive force in the rather traditional health insurance industry. Other healthcare companies need to pay attention to this trend lest the venture capital dollars flow into their back yards.

Entrepreneur Vivek Garipalli has started a new health insurance company based on the belief that the large healthcare data stores can provide a competitive advantage – if used differently than the incumbents.

“The really large companies, like an Aetna or a United, they’re really insurance companies at their core,” Garipalli said. “They spend a lot of money on technology, but we all know there’s a big difference between spending a lot of money on technology and being a technology company.”

As a digital company at our core, this statement strikes us as true. Smaller, more nimble, teams can produce results that large, slow-moving armies of technologists simply cannot get to.

Source: Modern Healthcare

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