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Can biopharma get in on the prescribed app?

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The news recently has been full of stories about mobile apps that can be prescribed and that are being adopted by both HCPs and insurance companies. When it comes to healthcare and mobile the linkage is indisputable, Manhattan Research’s Mobile Health Trends for 2012 shows it, PEW’s The Social Life of Health Information, 2011 shows it. Just using a mobile device is no longer for early adopters, the early majority is in on it. The next wave of change in this space is the ability for physicians to prescribe apps.

There have been two stories recently that point to this change. The most important one is reported by the good folks over at MobiHealthNews (based on a story in the NYT): WellDoc’s DiabetesManager is being reimbursed at a rate of $100 per month by two, as yet unnamed, insurance companies. The second is a game designed to treat ADHD that is looking for FDA approval to try and get the game registered as a medical therapy. This really isn’t so far fetched, especially considering the FDA’s draft guidance on mobile medical apps that dictates which ones need approval.

These two stories are leading indicators that apps will become medical therapies under the FDA in the not too distant future. So, how can biopharma get in on this?

This is a big topic. What do you think about biopharma getting into the app game in a big way? Can it benefit patients and their outcomes?

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