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Apps as therapy, patient communities, and a Google X wearable


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Three stories in MobiHealthNews were all so interesting we couldn't decide on just one.

SmartQuit awarded $3.1 million grant

Apps as therapy adjuncts are in the news again with an app from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center being used in a $3.1 million study by the center. This group has credibility as they have already run one clinical study that showed an increase of 5% in smoking cessation (13% compared to 8%) using their app, SmartQuit.

Online patient community boosts self-management

This study showed modest (2.9 points for self-management and 10.2 points for self-efficacy) improvements in the population of veterans who used PatientsLikeMe in an unstructured way.

“More than one-fourth of completers said that they had met a new person with epilepsy on the website, and 10 percent considered this new person to be a friend,” the researchers wrote. “Nearly half agreed or strongly agreed that PLM gave them more or better control over their condition and helped them understand their seizures.”

Google makes a wearable health tracker

Google X (the health startup) is building a clinical-grade wearable for cardiac and activity tracking.

“In brief, we’ll be starting to use it in clinical studies to see if/how a continuous stream of medical-grade measurements of biological signals (e.g. pulse, skin temp, activity levels) could be useful to physicians and researchers as they try to understand and intervene earlier in disease,” a Google spokesperson told MobiHealthNews in an email. “This could give them insights that are currently only available sporadically – e.g. via a diagnostic test, or when a patient is being observed in a clinical setting.”

Source: MobiHealthNews

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