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iOS7 and healthcare marketers: what you need to know

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At the Worldwide Developers conference in June of 2013 Apple announced its newest mobile OS: iOS 7. This update to the venerable smartphone and tablet OS has sparked a lot of discussion in the industry, much of it focused on the significant change in the look and feel of the platform.

Regardless of whether the new icons are 2d or 3d or whether the background “parallax” effect makes the device seem more immersive, these are not the changes that are going to affect healthcare marketers. There are a number of changes in functionality announced that have the potential to affect how healthcare marketers talk to their audiences. Get the Klick Health POV to see what we think are the seven most important changes in iOS7.

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The seven updates that are of most interest to healthcare marketers are:

Upgrade Implications
Passbook 2D scanning QR codes may become more relevant in relation to passbook passes
AirDrop sharing Apps can be written that enable enhanced takeaways for HCPs at conferences or patients in office
Keychain auto-fill Users will be able to log into sites more easily and can use more secure passwords
Automatic app updating Apps can be “pushed” to the device to update content and functionality (if the user has enabled this feature)
Apps near me Shows the user popular apps based on the geographic location
Multitasking Attempts to use predictive modeling to improve app performance
Dynamic type Gives apps the opportunity to respect users’ desire for larger fonts

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