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App users 2.9x more adherent than non-users: study


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A new app by a specialty pharmacy, Avella, has been shown to improve adherence to medications by 2.9x for its HIV patients.

The Avella study states that 79 percent of 224 HIV patients who used its mobile pharmacy app attained at least 90 percent medication adherence, which represents a 2.9 times higher success rate in managing the disease than those who did not use the tool. Just 65 percent of 1,896 patients who were not provided the app achieved at least 90 percent medication adherence, according to an announcement on the study.

Fierce points to this study for pharmaceutical marketers who are reported as far behind on mobile tactics.

While mHealth tools have been making strong strides into the healthcare environment, mobile tech adoption within the pharmaceutical sector has been slower, at least in terms of website optimization. Only about 33 percent of pharmas have mobile optimized their product websites, according to a survey by Manhattan Research. Of the more than 50 pharma companies participating in the survey, two-thirds had just one mobile app for healthcare professionals or none at all.

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