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Advice for “beyond the pill” from DR VP Monique Levy


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We’ve talked about “beyond the pill” proposals in the past, but Decision Resources VP Monica Levy breaks it down to three stages in this interview with Fierce Pharma Marketing.

Stage 1: create an app for your condition that can be “prescribed” at the same time as your therapy.

It’s not an end-to-end solution, Levy says, but it is the “safest, least regulatory-heavy way” to get started. “Any brand marketer can do it tomorrow,” she says. And that’s not to diminish their utility, either; though apps these days are fairly basic, Levy believes the next wave will be much more sophisticated, better able to track and inspire changes in behavior.

Stage 2: partner with a data supplier who can take the patient data and connect it with providers. Most pharmaceutical companies won’t want to store the patient data on their servers because of risk but third-parties can handle that.

“In that environment, brand X from company Y could set up an interactive support program that helps patients manage and stay on this drug,” Levy says.

Stage 3: achieve clinical relevance with studies that prove the value of the app when used with the therapy.

“Drug X is more expensive than generic Y, but if we add this 12-week program with nurses, it works better in the long term,” Levy suggests as an example.

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Source: Fierce Pharma Marketing

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