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Digital therapeutics are quickly emerging and largely focus on interventions, such as opioid addiction, where traditional medicines are either inadequate or require supplemental support such as counseling. However, a different lens on the future of the value of digital therapeutics is emerging.



By being digital in nature, these therapeutic interventions capture data that not only provide insight to the patient and to the treating physician, but to the device itself. Devices do not have to function independent from the data that others using the device are generating. This rapid aggregation of data at scale could lead to the accelerated development of predictive models and biomarkers that cannot happen in a controlled lab environment.

A perfect depiction of this possible future was cited by Teva Pharmaceuticals recently in regards to the launch of their first FDA-cleared smart inhaler, ProAir Digihaler.

“We can take this data from this smart inhaler about time and number of inhalations, flow rate, about volume, and we can build an algorithm that can predict asthma exacerbation,” Granovsky said on stage at the event. “If we could predict exacerbation five or six days before it hits, the research shows that it’s very possible we could prescribe some drugs and avoid the exacerbation.”

The key ingredient will be the effective commercialization and adoption of digital therapeutics. As an agency partner, Klick has committed itself to making this future a reality and providing the strategic and executional support needed.


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