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2012 Mobile Future in Focus – Health

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Tacking something that moves as quickly as the mobile industry often seems like a futile exercise. It’s hard enough to keep track of where you’ve left your own, personal phone, never mind the giant market shifts that are worth millions (and even billions) of dollars to the companies driving them. That’s why we’re grateful to research groups like comScore for providing deep insights into our industry, summarizing the trends and changes that would be so difficult to otherwise observe.

comScore has just recently published their 2012 Mobile Future in Focus report, analyzing key insights from 2011 and what they mean for this year. Many of you won’t have the time to go through that report in detail — or will be interested in implications for the pharma/health industry that are missing from the publication — so we hereby present our Summary of the Summary. We hope you enjoy and join us for a discussion in the comments section below.

General Notes

Device Ownership

  • RIM owners are increasingly replacing their BlackBerry devices with Android phones. 31% of RIM owners who replaced their device in 2011 made that decision, with only 43% staying true to RIM.

Usage and Behavior

  • The top app lists vary considerably between the iOS and Android markets, with more Google apps appearing on the Android side:
  • Sending text messages still remains the most popular activity on mobile devices, though taking photos is quickly becoming a top contender as the quality of in-phone cameras increases.


Conclusions for Pharma/Health Marketers

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Jay Goldman

Jay has been providing a human side to technology for nearly fifteen years, as a technologist, strategist, user experience specialist, and visual designer. As Senior Vice President of Innovation, Jay leads our strategic efforts in mobile and social media, product development, and research and insights.

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