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Re-Inventing How We Learn

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The race to realize the application of machine learning, artificial intelligence, bots and virtual reality is frantic. Technology that anticipates human need and replaces low-level administrative tasks will disrupt the way we live, both at home and at work. With technology becoming more integrated into our physical beings, what IF we could download whatever skills we wanted?

What if we could download whatever skills we wanted?

I recently attended the CB Insights Annual Innovation Summit in Santa Barbara, CA. My lens for the conference was not what new technology we could apply to learning rather, what is it that we have not even thought of yet? Instead of evolving what we already know, what if we just leapt ahead into the sci-fi stuff that is not yet reality and re-invent how we learn altogether?




As I watched the CB Insights Trend Report presentation “n+1” by Anand Sanwal that provocatively posed the ethical questions of gene-editing and challenged the privacy concerns of big data collection, the page that grabbed my attention asked, “Could we download whatever skills we wanted?” CB Insights isn’t just talking about on-demand knowledge but truly immersive, interactive, responsive, intelligent and personalized skill acquisition. What are the possibilities if we could just plug into our own ‘Matrix’ for instant expertise? If you unbundle the elements we need to make this a possibility, surprisingly we have a quite a few of them already:


Machine Vision

Machine vision can use optical receptors to analyze the data of our surroundings. What if we could enable a machine to assess what it can see in our environment, within our tools and as a learner, then serve up the exact piece of knowledge or training that is required through the most accessible and impactful channel available? For example, instant audio or video coaching or augmented reality overlays could guide learners through complex procedures, serving up training real time.


Biometric Sensors

Sensor devices that track pupil dilation, heart rate or skin responses can provide biometric feedback that could trigger instant knowledge on how to act next. Wearables are already transforming the world of wellness, but what if consumer electromagnetic brain sensors like Muse that monitor brain waves through electroencephalography (EEG) could transform learning? Using electrical brain activity as feedback while a learner is engaged in a new activity could use stress responses to adapt and dial up or down the degree of support within the training system.




Emotional Intelligence Sensors

Could we instantly learn to be better caregivers and colleagues if our systems recognized our facial expressions and detected emotions like stress, fear, anger and joy, and ’trained’ us with reminders on when and how to empathize, comfort or educate? Affectiva has catalogued over 50 billion emotion-related data points to analyze facial expressions or non-verbal cues in visual content.


Bots and AI

And, we can’t forget the impact of Bots. Could artificial intelligence (AI) replace (or at least seriously augment) the influence of a manager and formal training? A ChatBot that can be trained to understand the knowledge transfer required and progression of expertise in job onboarding could replace our current ‘Peer Buddies’. A “PeerBot” could be available at the beck and call of our new employees without the judgment of those risky ‘dumb questions’ on an employee’s first day.


How close are we?

Although we are still teetering on the brink of fiction and reality with implants and unconscious ‘learning’, technology is transforming the way humans obtain information – out of the world of sci-fi, into a new reality. It is time we, as Learning Leaders, start to help our organizations reassess our comfort with traditional training modalities and start to experiment with new platforms that test the realms of learning and development.

At Klick Learning Solutions for Health, we bring together exceptional creative talent, deep technical innovation capabilities, in-house medical expertise and proven learning strategies to unlock the potential of our most sacred resources, our people. For more information on how our solutions might help your teams keep up with the rapidly changing medical, regulatory and commercial landscapes, please email me.

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Unleashing the potential of people has been Michelle's mission across two decades of leading teams. Using a unique mix of leadership, data and creativity, Michelle helps organizations by rethinking the possibilities for accelerating talent. Grounded in strategy, inspired by marketing, schooled in people development, and delivered with a mischievous wink, Michelle also shares her thoughts @popsgoestheorg.

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