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… nor do I play one on TV. I can, however, offer you a complimentary prescription to Digital Rx, the Klick Pharma blog. Welcome!

I have the great privilege of being Klick Pharma’s VP Strategy focused on Social Media and Mobile. Not only does that mean that I get to work with most of our clients on any projects that fall under those banners, but I also get to spend a fair amount of time gazing into those topics’ crystal ball and divining the future. In collaboration with Brad Einarsen, our Director of Digital Insight, and Eric Portelance, Digital Strategist, I get to craft PoVs and white papers on mobile (Getting Started in Mobile Marketing) and social media (Social Media Conversation Guide) and speak at conferences like DTC Marketing to the Digital Consumer -and- eyeforpharma Digital Innovation in Pharma.

I’ve long been a fan of mobile and social media, well before taking on responsibility for those areas at Klick. I hosted the popular weekly video podcasts Mr. Mobile and Status Update on Butterscotch.com, taught a class for The Learning Annex, and wrote The Facebook Cookbook for O’Reilly Media.

I hope you’ll come back to Digital Rx and join me for future posts on mobile, social media, mLearning, mHealth, and a wide variety of other topics that cross my desk!

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Jay Goldman

Jay has been providing a human side to technology for nearly fifteen years, as a technologist, strategist, user experience specialist, and visual designer. As Senior Vice President of Innovation, Jay leads our strategic efforts in mobile and social media, product development, and research and insights.

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