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So much hand-wringing and whiteboarding goes into an HCP site that it’s almost comical. We (yes I participate in this) analyze and think and plan and brainstorm to find the magical elixir that will propel our product to the lofty ranks of blockbuster status – in the digital world usually from our website.

And yet, the truth stares at us from every qualitative interview we do… doctors are immune to being “sold” and what they really want is to be “informed”.

Here is my insight from 5 years of interviewing physicians about web properties, usually with the inherent value test methodology. I can give this away instead of keeping it as competitive advantage (we have plenty of that stored away), because deep down everyone reading this blog already knows everything on this list is true.

When a doctor decides to research a drug, the pattern is pretty consistent:

  1. Get interested in subject via peer, conference, or Google
  2. Decide to explore beyond association guidelines for new drugs (Depending on how new the drug is)
  3. Go to Pharma branded site to see what they say
  4. Go to other sites (Medline, Medscape, etc.) to triangulate data (3 and 4 may be reversed)
  5. Make up own mind based on many factors

The info they are looking for is also dead simple (in order):

  1. Efficacy – does it work better than what I’m using now? (not placebo)
  2. Safety – what have I got to look out for?
  3. Patient Identification – is this for all my patients? Or just some? How can I tell?
  4. Dosing – how do I prescribe this for the patient? Is titration involved? How complex?
  5. MOA – does this MOA actually reinforce what I heard about in 1. and 2.?
  6. Peers – what do journals and other doctors I respect think about this drug?
  7. MedInfo – how do I ask a question that’s not handled on the website?

If you have another formula that you think works let me know, but in terms of searching out drug information, this is pretty much the model.

So, you want your drug to be a blockbuster?

  1. Be demonstrably better than the competition
  2. Have an MOA that is unique and understandable
  3. Clearly articulate the above, doctors don’t have time to seek you out
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Brad Einarsen

Brad is Klick's Director of Digital Insight, supporting our Strategy, Accounts, and New Business groups to gather, disseminate, and make accessible knowledge about our clients, their products, and the markets in which they operate.

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