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Rheums – loving smartphones?


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When research companies release data they tread a fine line of releasing too much, and reducing the sales of their product, or too little and not attracting the attention of their target audience. DIG has just released some data on rheumatologists and it’s not quite as straightforward as previous infographics.

Based on the infographic, it looks like 47% of rheums’ time is spent on a smartphone (or laptop) vs. desktop or tablet. It’s nice that we can see that the desktop is still bigger than the tablet for this audience (does that make them luddites? Or, are they simply having to enter EHR data all the time?) but it doesn’t tell us much.

Of course, that’s the point. And it’s still interesting enough to take a look at if you market to rheumatologists.

The top sites for rheums:


The top features rheums want in a mobile site?

Source: Digital Insights Group

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