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Rescue gamers at point of failure and be rewarded


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This tactic was just too innovative not to share. This story talks about a company, MediaBrix, that is putting ads into mobile experiences at specific points where it’s not expected, but definitely welcome.

Advertisers who rescue gamers see 66-times click-through rates compared to online and mobile rich media ads, the company says, in addition to to the 543x engagement rate. Reward ads, in which advertisers give gamers a gift for completing a level or a challenge, get 50 times clickthrough and 460 times engagement. And encouragement ads – for gamers who are failing – get 23 times click-through and 106 times engagement.

The example in the story is about the game, Clash of Clans, but the same techniques can be used in health apps. Did the user just get a particularly poor result on their measurement? Is the user looking up the same technique three times in a row? There are many situations where an intervention could actually be welcome, as long as the messaging and offer is relevant and tasteful. There would be 510(k) implications to watch for, but the idea is certainly worth investigating.

Source: Venture Beat

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