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Physicians have a pretty accurate view of the current capabilities of chatbots, but little experience using them. The most-tried chatbot was Your.MD and even that platform only had 14% usage.



When asked about the conditions that might benefit from chatbots, physicians were most enthusiastic about diabetes control with other conditions more mixed:




The lead researcher, Adam Palanica, Behavioral Scientist at Klick Labs (hey, I know that guy! -Ed.), said that the nuanced views of physicians on chatbots was intriguing:

In other words, physicians were not necessarily polarized in their opinions, but rather that they believe chatbots are good at some things, and should not be used for other things.

This is different than saying, in general, “chatbots are bad” or “chatbots are good.” These findings suggest that physicians are not threatened by the advancement of chatbot technology, but rather, that they are realistic in its current capabilities.

You can download the approved paper at the link above or wait for the published version in the next issue of the JMIR.


Journal of Medical Internet Research

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