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Pharma low on Americans’ industry opinions


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It's not news, but American's don't have a great opinion of the pharmaceutical industry. While not a pleasant thought for healthcare marketers, it is important to recognize so that we can ensure our communications strategies take this into account.

The linked story actually talks about the oil and gas industry, but at the bottom it shows data for all industries in the Gallup list. Here is where pharmaceuticals reside:


Chart made from “net positive” result of poll

When we look at the last fifteen years of Gallup data we see a fairly consistent result:


Chart made from Gallup trend data, does not include “neutral”

This data reinforces the need for patient research. There is a good chance that the people who are helped by your treatments are in the 35% of positive results and talking to that audience is more important than trying to sway the 43% who don’t like the industry.

Source: Gallup Poll

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