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Patients act like consumers & payers see a role for pharma


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Historically Manhattan Research kept their data close to the chest, and understandably so as it's the value they create. A new e-book from DRG (Manhattan is finally changing their name to the parent company -Ed.) provides some compelling samples from their different reports.

We’re only going to discuss a few here, for the full story you can download the e-book.

The consumerization of healthcare


Payers and HCPs see role for pharma

Payers think that pharma companies can provide value beyond the pill and can help them achieve their patient outcomes.

68% of hospital formulary decision makers agree that pharma can provide value by offering solutions that help achieve specific metrics-based goals.

Many HCPs are looking for pharma companies to help their patients manage their conditions.

51% of US physicians believe pharma companies need to play an integral role in driving progress around patient support and resources.

Patients are using their smartphones in the doctor’s office:

53% of psoriasis patients with smartphones access medical resources on this device while at the doctor’s office.

Patients are relying on the information they find online to make health decisions:

63% of online hepatitis C patients say that the Internet is essential in helping make decisions about the best treatments and care.

The DRG e-book is full of interesting teaser stats from a multitude of conditions and is definitely worth the download.

Source: Decision Resources Group (Manhattan Research)

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