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Meeker report on the state of the Internet: 2014


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Every year we look forward to the “Meeker Report” on the state of the Internet. There are always facts and charts that we hadn’t seen and didn’t think to look for. This year Healthcare makes the top three trends in the report. This should be good.

The trends highlighted by Mary Meeker reflect the industry’s current thinking, so it’s nice to know we’re in good company:

Mobile traffic is growing, and accelerating, past 25% of all internet traffic:


The proliferation of devices means that, more than ever, we are instrumenting our world with sensors:


Multiple screens seems to actually increase the usage of each, rather than cannibalizing the time spent:


And images remain the number one format for sharing and getting attention:


These images are only a small part of the 164 page report. Get yours here:


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